WFK - The Test Institute


The wfk - Institute for Applied Research carries out performance tests of detergents, cleaning agents and disinfectants, appliance tests and process investigations as well as and disinfection and hygiene monitoring.

The institute provides decades of experience, but is working as well in national and international committees on the development of standardised and at the same time practise-relevant testing procedures such as the Energy Label of household appliances or the European Ecolabel for laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents and cleaning agents.

In the field of hygiene and microbiology the institute performs investigations to cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation. Therefore bacteria and spores of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, surrogate viruses and bacteriophages as well as allergens and mites will be applied. The spectrum of investigation contains laboratory tests of products and machines, on-site-investigations of production plants as well as providing of microbiological sample materials for internal validations of processes and products.

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