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Biological Testing of Materials

For certain application fields products or parts of products can be composed of materials which have antimicrobial properties. Thus e.g. plasters of wound dressings can be equipped with antimicrobial properties to prevent wound infections. An other example are components which often come in contact with water and tend towards biofilm building. We can help you with the product development or with the concluding evaluation of products by performing investigations according to standardized procedures or specific customer requirements. In our laboratory microbiological tests of textiles, plastics, rubber and coatings with varnishes or wall dispersions are routinely established.

Investigations which refer to microbiological and textile technological concerns are e.g. analysis of resistance to wet and dry bacterial penetration (ISO 22610 and ISO 22612), analysis of surgery clothes according to EN 13795, analysis of the antimicrobial finish according to ISO 20645, ISO 20743, EN 14119, JIS L 1902, AATCC 30 / 100 / 147, ASTM 2149 and others.