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Hygiene in Wash and Dish Washing Processes

Textiles as well as dishes can be highly contaminated with microorganisms. Therefore an apropriate cleaning and reprocessing is necessay – especially in hyienically sensible areas. The germ reduction in cleaning processes will be influenced by the parameters mechanic, temperature, chemistry and time. For determination of germ reduction bioindicators will be used which correspond to the official demands of DGHM, VAH, RKI for washing processes or DIN 10510 – DIN 10512 for dish washing processes. For household sector investigations (i.e. IEC/PAS 62958) the bioindicators will be adjusted.

We analyse your products or machines concerning

  • germ reduction
  • biofilm creation
  • allergen reduction (e.g. to NSF P 351)
  • reduction of live mites (e.g. to NSF P 351)