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Test Materials for Validation of Reprocessing Processes

We help you with the validation of your cleaning procedures and can provide the following test materials:

  • Bioindicators for disinfection testing of washing procedures (DesVali W)
  • Process challenging devices for disinfection testing of dish washing procedures (DesVali G)
  • Process challenging devices for disinfection testing of container locks (DesVali G1)
  • Process challenging devices for the reprocessing of medical devices (DesVali R)
  • Test materials for water samples
  • Contact samples (RODAC) for the determination of the hygiene properties of textiles and surfaces

You can use order@wfk-iaf.de for ordering the products listet above.

DesVali W are bioindicators that match the requirements of the handbook for validation of disinfecting washing procedures for reprocessing textiles used in hygienically sensible areas. The handbook can be ordered for free i.e. from wfk – Cleaning Technology Institute e.V. (info@wfk.de, +49 2151 8210-0).