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The efficiency of product innovation has to be demonstrated in comparison to reference or competitive products respectively procedures.

Decision makers and purchasers of retail chains and comparable companies are continually faced with the task to buy washing and cleaning agents with optimal cost-performance ratio out of a broad product range.

Machine manufacturers are confronted with the task to document verifiably unique selling propositions, program procedures or sustainability aspects in comparison to competitors.

Scientifically founded, comparative performance tests represent here an important decision aid to support the evaluation of product quality.

The wfk – Testing Institute offers a wide range of performance tests for a great number of product groups and objectives.

Household as well as institutional products will be investigated. The testing conditions will be tailor-made depending on the focus of the investigation (e.g. application and mechanical technology aspects, sustainability or conservation of treatment goods).

Should you be interested in the investigation of a product which is not listed below, kindly let us know.