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Laundry Detergents and Additives

For the application of laundry detergents and additives modern and household usual washing, drying and ironing appliances are available, in which all relevant test conditions can be simulated in a very defined method (water hardness from 0 – 445 ppm, controlled cold and warm water inlet temperature). The essential functions of the used washing and drying programs will be documented with the help of modern measurement technology. Hereby comparability and reproducibility of the test results will be ensured.

Also for cold wash detergents we offer special test scenarios.

On an area of 800 m2 all relevant industrial washing-, drying- and finishing appliances are available to investigate commercial laundry detergents and additives.

Germ reducing products will be investigated in our microbiological lab (class 2 acc. § 44 IfSG).